Skyway has built a reputation on their unique and juicy hamburg. The beef is always fresh and is the perfect ratio of lean rounds. But it is also the buns that set Skyway apart from its competitors with fresh baked sweet buns that are faithfully reproduced from the famous recipe developed more than fifty years ago by the Large family.

Skyway has a variety of menu items to please the entire family including a Kid's Meal. Let the kids choose from chicken nuggets, hot dog, toated cheese, mini corn dogs a hamburg or cheeseburg, french fries and a small soft drink.

Skyway Featured Menu Items:

                                  Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich

                                  SkyHi Sandwich Double Decker w/special sauce

                                  SkyHi Combo Sandwich, fries & med. soft drink


SANDWICHES                              KID'S FAVORITES                  HOT SOUPS  

Hamburg                                                      Jr. Hamburg & Cheeseburgs                  Aunt Ruth's Homemade

Cheeseburg                                                  Hot Dog                                                Vegetable Soup & Chili

Half Pounder                                                Toasted Cheese                                          Available to go

Triple Hamburg or Cheeseburg                     Chicken Nuggets                                   FOUNTAIN

Turkey (Hot or Cold)                                    Mini Corn Dogs                                    Milk Shakes

Steak Sandwich (ground fresh daily)              LIGHTER SIDE                            Thick & Creamy Malts

Fish Sandwich                                               Garden Salad                                       Boston Coller

Toasted Cheese                                            Grilled Chicken Salad                           Coke                          

Deep Fried Pork Tenderloin                          Classic BLT                                         Sprite, Rootbeer

Chipped Ham                                               Toasted Cheese                                   Lemonade, Orange

Charbroiled Chicken                                     Turkey Sandwich                                 California Fizz                 

Deep Fried Chicken                                      Raw Vegetable Bag                             Ice Cream Sodas

Bar-B-Que  Chicken                                   SOUPS & SIDES                      Milk

Hot Dog                                                      Chicken Nuggets                                  Gourmet Coffee         

Coney Dog                                                  Mini Corn Dogs                                   Hot Tea                             

Baked Ham                                                 French Fries                                        Hot Chocolate                     

Classic BLT                                                Homemade Onion Rings                       Iced Tea

DINNERS                                     Sauerkraut Balls                                  DESSERTS

Shrimp Dinner                                             French Fried Mushrooms                    Ice Cream Sundaes

Chicken Dinner                                           Potato Teasers (cheese filled)              Hot Fudge Sundaes

Fish Dinner                                                 Mozzarella Sticks                                Apple Dumplings

Bucket of Fried Chicken                             Zucchini Sticks                                    Ice Cream

Jr. Bucket of Fried Chicken                Chicken Wings